Getting your Graduation Pictures at WSU Mom’s Weekend in Pullman

college graduation pictures at WSU Mom's Weekend

College senior pictures at WSU Mom’s Weekend

Senior graduation pictures at WSU Mom's Weekend

Every year I have 3 primary groups of people requesting graduation pictures at Washington State University in Pullman. The early group, the WSU Mom’s Weekend group, and the Oh Crap, I’m graduating! group, haha. If you are considering college graduation pictures at WSU Mom’s Weekend in Pullman, I am excited to hear from you! Mom’s weekend is a special time at WSU whether its a first one in Pullman or the last of many.

10 reasons to get graduation pictures at WSU Mom’s Weekend in Pullman:

  1. Campus is always cleaned up to look its best for Mom’s weekend – just like you will do for your mom’s arrival…

  2. You get to be one of the first to show off your graduation pictures.

  3. Edited photos are delivered before your graduation.

  4. Your mom can jump in on some photos!

  5. Whole family coming to Pullman? Let me know and the family can jump in for a few photos too!

  6. Mom- you can make sure your student irons their gown or any other parts of the outfit that should be.

  7. Your mom can celebrate with you in the experience of graduation pictures.

  8. Mom will be relieved to know that graduation pictures were scheduled and done – grandma has been asking about your pictures.

  9. There is already a heightened level of excitement on Mom’s Weekend that pours over into your graduation pictures.

  10. Although many people will be getting their graduation pictures taken on Mom’ weekend – it wont be nearly as chaotic as graduation weekend when significant lines form at the most popular photo sites.

Scheduling graduation pictures, things I have noticed:

Senior graduation pictures at WSU Mom's Weekend

I am excited to take graduation pictures for those in all of these groups but it is generally best to schedule a grad session 4-8 weeks before a weekend you hope to get pictures done.

The early group are those often looking for graduation pictures to print for invitations or are so excited about getting professional pictures done that they make plans early. I receive graduation picture inquiries from the early group from January to March for sessions that tend to be the last weekend of March to the first weekend of April or the student wants to ensure they have a session reserved.

The second group are parents and students looking for graduation pictures during WSU Mom’s weekend in Pullman. This wave of inquiries wants to make the most of their weekend by doubling up on opportunities. WSU Mom’s Weekend tends to be the first or second weekend of April. Sessions do fill up so make sure to reserve a session as soon as you are able but keep in mind that plans do change and a session or two may open up for you.

Oh crap! I’m graduating! The third group are those who just realized they are about to graduate, saw other students getting pictures taken and are hoping to get theirs too. This last group starts inquiring in March right on up to graduation day. If your graduation pictures are in the last 2-3 weeks before graduation, I will make sure you get at least a few edited photos to share before graduation but the bulk of your edited photos may arrive after graduation.

Ready to reserve a session or learn more?

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