Photographers Near Me

Photographers Near Me

How to find your best fit photographer

Searching the internet to find a local photographer nearby is about the easiest thing you can do. Finding the perfect photographer, now that is where the fun starts! 

Spokane Engagement photographer at Spokane Rivers Bowl and Pitcher, Riverside State Park

What would you like out of your photo experience: Read local photographer reviews

Photographers reviews require a person to take their own personal time to evaluate the work or experience of a business. So, reviews are a great indicator, like a business thermometer, of the quality of the experience you may get at a particular place. Reviews can be found through Google maps, a photographers website, a service finder such as WeddingWire or

EWU Graduation Senior photographer nearby Eagle flag twirl

Photographer perfectly captures happily ever after at country outdoor wedding in Cheney, WA

Spokane, WA photographer nearby casual photoshoot

Photographer nearby Spokane river Bowl and Pitcher Riverside state park engagement pictures

What are the common themes you see in the reviews? The photographer is easy to work with. Totally unexpected, we had a fun time! We spent a lot of time laughing. I am not photogenic but the photographer put me at ease. My photos turned out beautifully. My photographers additional services (hair/ make up/ etc.) helped make this the best experience. I did not need extra services and my photographer simply took my pictures which is exactly what I wanted. My photographers behavior (professional/ respectful/ laid back/ etc) stood out to me because…  

After looking at others experiences, what stands out to you? What do you gravitate towards?

Print availability

Many photographers do not offer print services and you may be ok with that but printing your images is the most important and final step in completing your photoshoot. Professional photo labs retain true colors, produce archival level quality prints, and give you a product with physical value. Evaluate photographers who offer print service. Is there a required print order or is the service al la carte?

Your perfect photo style

A photographer is an artist and as you can imagine there are at least as many styles as there are artists. What style and location do you feel drawn to? It may help to write a list of attributes. Indoors or outdoors? Cityscape, school, backyard, or natural scene? Photos that look perfectly posed (formal) or like the subjects movement or expression was captured (casual)? Is the feel of the picture warm, bright, happy, dark, moody, dramatic, clean, simple, adventurous, abstract? Props or no props? Keep in mind that most photographers can move between a level of formality and being casual. Start looking through a photographers photos on their website or social media site to see what style the photographer leans towards.

The price

Once you have made a short list of photographers that fit your desired photoshoot experience and final image product, it is time to look at the price. Photos can be a business tool, or a document of history, celebration, and life. As such, quality photos are quite valuable. How do you want your photos to portray your life? Who is the best person within your financial means?

Choosing the right photographer nearby can be a fun experience and quite rewarding when your vision for photos matches up with the photographic artist.

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