Almost Wedding Day and Cannot Sleep?!

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It is super difficult but this is how you will best enjoy your wedding day: Sleep.


Of course, sleep is easier said than done. This super important rest gets away from most brides not only the night before the wedding, but also the whole week! With so much to do and so little time, stress and excitement are already more caffeine than you need.

Here are some tips that I have used to help fall asleep when having trouble.

1.   Read a Book or Pray

Do you remember your times studying a high school or college textbook? Reading these books put me in an immediate state of sleepiness. If you are able to put a good book down, then even something enjoyable will help take your mind off stresses so you can sleep. Prayer is also a powerful tool. Talk to God, share your concerns, ask for peace, thank God for the beautiful things in life. The point being to take your mind off yourself and current worries.

2. Make a List

If you already have a list in your mind, put it on paper.  Writing tasks down takes the responsibility off of your brain and puts it on paper, freeing your brain and giving you the opportunity to relax. Keep a pen a paper by your bed. Phones are far too distracting so keep a pen and paper next to your bed to jot down notes. Remember, pen and paper, not your phone.

3.   Go for a Walk

Fresh air and exercise do wonders for relaxation. In college I made it a priority to carve out some time to go outside for a walk or a peaceful round of Frisbee golf. The act of moving outside allowed my brain to shift focus to something fleetingly beautiful in the moment and entirely non-pertinent.

4.   Quiet the Phone

Back to the topic of your phone, I strongly encourage you to turn it off or silence notifications. Aside from the Do Not Disturb feature on your phone, try to avoid any screen time for at least 1 hour before you get in bed. I know we all look at our phones before bed, but for this week, break the cycle to get better sleep.

5.   Breathe

One of the easiest things you can do to relax is breathe. I use this trick for myself and for my two year old as well when he is having a hard time calming down. Simply take three, deep breathes in a row, holding them at the top, and slowly exhaling.

6.   Go Natural


If you are already doing all of these things, try an herbal solution like a warm cup of herbal tea. My go to evening tea is Sleepy Time tea (go figure!) or chamomile. Valerian Root adds a little muscle relaxing as well. Both will help you fall asleep and stay asleep.

 Sleep will make the celebrating much more fun.


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