5 Reasons To Have an Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

5 Reasons To Have an Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

One of the first major decisions you will make when planning your wedding is your wedding venue. As you are narrowing down which venues to contact for tours you will want to consider whether an indoor or outdoor wedding ceremony will fit you best. There are reasons for and against but here are 5 reasons to have an outdoor wedding ceremony.

5 Reasons To Have an Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

1. An Outdoor Wedding Ceremony is in the Great Outdoors

Seriously, the great outdoors has a beauty that simply cannot be matched compared to an indoor venue. That beautiful scenery is the perfect backdrop to all your wedding photos. Even a simple grass field can be a magnificent space for celebration. Yet, most outdoor wedding venues have a lot to offer in the way of scenery and landscaping with trees, mountains, lakes, rivers, gardens, or rolling hills. Even the structures of outdoor venues take on the character of their special setting. Outdoor spaces also create a unique place for everyone celebrating. A place that will never be the same as it will be on your wedding day. Weddings are joyous celebrations and a beautiful natural backdrop is a great place for your love story to be written

2. Outdoor Light is the best

When you get married outside (before sunset), you do not need to worry about having enough light or the right kinds of light. Natural light is by far the most flattering light and it is well represented in outdoor ceremonies. Shoot, even a cloudy or rainy day will be better lit than most indoor venues! Natural light is a huge factor in the overall quality of your photos and something I strive to use in my work. Indoor venues tend to be dark with minimal amounts of natural light and a conglomerate of lighting types. If I can, I use flashes to help produce better quality indoor images, but that is just not necessary for an outdoor wedding ceremony.

3. Plenty of Space Outside

Outdoor wedding venues are perfect for weddings of any size because of the flexibility of space. Rather than having to turn your ceremony site into the reception site, you can easily spread out. In fact the timeline of your wedding could follow through a journey of spaces. The outdoor wedding ceremony could be in one location, cocktail hour in another, the meal in yet another place and reception party could also be in its own defined area! Of course you could keep everything confined, but that is the beautiful flexibility of outdoor spaces. With all of that extra space, guests will feel much more comfortable as they move around and sit at tables.

4. The smells and sounds

As with any outdoor venue the smells and sounds will add a special touch to the ambiance of your day. Sounds of birds singing, a tractor working in the distance, the soft patter of rain on a tent or barn roof, a gentle breeze through leaves all create for a special sound experience. Smells of fresh cut grass, flowers in bloom, earth, the spicy smell of trees warmed in the sun, or the clean scent of a recent rain all create for a special smell experience.

5. Flexibility and Customization

Indoor ceremonies tend to be limited on what you can do. The space is finite and attaching things to surfaces or making messes is not generally approved.

If you go outside there is a lot more freedom to decorate your wedding and the space in order to do it. Or you could go a minimal direction and let the beauty of nature and the venue itself shine as the decoration. From the ceremony to couples exiting, you can shape the space any way you want them.

Concluding the 5 Reasons To Have an Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

Indoor ceremonies are great if you are getting married in a cold or swing season. However nothing beats an outdoor ceremony with the right type of couple. It is true, outdoor wedding ceremonies have issues too. Here are 5 reasons to not have an outdoor wedding ceremony. Searching for a wedding photographer? Check out my wedding page!

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