Gonzaga Photographer

Gonzaga Photographer

As I am sure you are well aware, Gonzaga is a special place to earn your degree. Aside from a beautiful campus, great professors and incredible basketball teams, Gonzaga has likely become home to some of your best memories and deep friendships. Hey, I am Nate, a Gonzaga photographer. I look forward to taking the grad pics that will bring back all your college memories for years to come.

Gonzaga Graduation Photographer at sunset

10 Best places to take Gonzaga graduation pictures

  1. College Hall
  2. St. Aloysius Catholic Church
  3. McCarthey Athletic Center: Kennel Club
  4. McCarthey Athletic Center: Spike
  5. ‘Boone Ave’ pathway that runs through campus
  6. Along the Spokane river and rowing pond
  7. One of the fields outside of Crosby Student Center
  8. Your res hall
  9. The primary academic building for your major
  10. When accessible, the Bulldogs head on the soccer field

Bonus: Head on over to your favorite places in downtown Spokane!

Gonzaga Photographer on campus

What to wear for your Gonzaga photo session

I like to run my sessions with three looks. One look with just your formal outfit, a second look adding the cap and gown in a flattering manner (not fully zipped up), and the full formal cap and gown outfit. An additional casual outfit is a fun way to add some variety.

At Gonzaga, the cap and gown are a navy blue. The navy blue allows you to compliment with a wide array of outfit colors and patterns. Light shades of colors and patterns work best. Colors such as light blues, soft purples, spring yellow, the various shades of pinks, whites and creams. Because of the simple cap and gown regalia, you have the freedom of choosing any neckline you like! Dresses are always a great go to option. I recommend that dresses be shorter in length than your gown. Other fun options would be rompers or pant suits.

Students also enjoy changing out of their formal outfits into a favorite pair of jeans with a college shirt or sweatshirt. This is a fun way to capture an everyday look in a heightened photo session.

Gonzaga Photographer at the McCarthy Athletic Center

Whether you want to pop a bottle or take a fancy selfie with Spike, I look forward to being your Gonzaga Photographer! Head on over to my College Grads page to learn more!

Gonzaga Photographer for champagne popping pictures

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