10 Must Get Prom Poses for Couples

10 Must Get Prom Poses for Couples

Whether this is your first prom or last, use this list of 10 must get prom poses for couples to get all of the important shots.

So, you’ve got a date to prom. You have bought a drop dead, perfectly fitted, beautiful dress and he has a lovely outfit to match. Instead of just standing there for a quick – we got it – kind of picture, make the most of your opportunity! Prom is a great time to hang out and make memories with friends or maybe even a significant other. And taking photos is a great way to document not only the fun and the people but your amazing dress. After all, your prom dress is likely the fanciest dress you’ve ever worn. So with that, here is a list of my favorite 10 Must Get Prom Poses for Couples.

10 Must Get Prom Poses for Couples

  1. Putting on the corsage. While putting on the corsage, make sure to get more than one angle so you we can see both of the couples faces in the photos.
  2. Give the girl a twirl. Guys, give your girl a twirl! Gals, add some movement to your twirl by grabbing the side or train of the dress while spinning.
  3. Show off the dress back. I suspect the back of your dress or some other part of your dress has a special feature. Whatever that dress feature is, be sure to show them off with a pose.
  4. The walk. The walk is literally the easiest pose but shows so much fun and the dresses movement all in one shot. To do the walk pose, the two of you should walk hand in hand looking at each other and the camera.
  5. Around the shoulders. The goal here is to get to be about the same height as each other and then have one of you wrapping your arms around the other’s shoulders.
  6. Show off the shoes. I don’t know if this was you, but if the shoes were a particularly important part of your outfit, make sure to photograph them! Maybe you both have matching shoes. Make sure to document them in a fun or silly pose.
  7. The snuggle. If you are a couple then snuggle up to each other
  8. Hands on shoulders. To do this, place the girl a little behind the guy (maybe halfway) with her hands on one of his shoulders. Make sure the corsage hand is on top.
  9. The dip. Guys, give your girl a dip for a fun pose. Make sure that you only dip her as far as you are comfortable. To avoid a less flattering body arch, girls try to keep your body line straight from the knee to your head during the dip.
  10. With mom. Seriously, get this shot. Your mom will appreciate you forever.

So there you have it, 10 great poses ideas to document your prom, homecoming or any other formal dance!

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