Spokane Cap and Gown Pictures

Spokane cap and gown pictures are a fun way to wrap up your high school career.  Whether you got senior pictures done or not, these laid back and celebratory cap and gown sessions are the perfect stress free way to remember those last days of your senior year.  During your senior year, most cap and gown pictures are done between April and June. These pictures make great senior party decorations, invitations, and thank you cards.

Essentials for Spokane cap and gown pictures

What to wear to your cap and gown pictures

I recommend you wear two outfits to your Cap and Gown session. The first outfit is a more formal look – like what you plan to wear under your gown at the ceremony such as a spring dress or a tie and dress pants. For best picture results, make sure you get rid of wrinkles before the session. For the second outfit, change into something that represents where you are headed after high school! Maybe a college t-shirt with your favorite jeans or shorts, a pair of scrubs, or a military uniform! If you would like more good pointers for outfit selection, try this ‘What to Wear’ article for college grads.

best cap and gown graduation photographer for Cheney, Medical Lake and Spokane high schools

What to bring for your cap and gown pictures

Besides the obvious cap and gown, there are other things you will want to consider bringing to your session. Bring along any extra cords you have earned, a stole for National Honors Society, or any college paraphernalia you may have acquired. For fun, bring your kindergarten school picture as moms love a photo showing how much you have changed.

graduation pictures for Cheney, Medical Lake and Spokane high schools


Location options for Spokane, Cheney, Medical Lake and surrounding areas

Most students use their high school as the location for their cap and gown graduation pictures. After all, that is where you’re graduating from, right?! Your high school is where you have accomplished amazing things and made incredible friendships for the last four years but the high school is definitely not  your only option. In addition to your school, local parks in and around Spokane are great spots too! If you have a location in mind I would love to hear about it! If you want help with a location, I can help!

Interested? Let’s Chat!

Cap and gown sessions are so much fun. These produce better pictures than the blinding flash in your face that is perfectly timed right before you’re supposed to cross the podium on the big day. I’m excited to offer 20 or 60 minute sessions. A 20 minute session includes 10 digital images and a 60 minute session includes 20 digital images with the option to purchase prints or more digital images. Send me a message, say hi, and we’ll get you a date and time. Say Hi!

cap and gown portraits for Cheney, Medical Lake and Spokane high schools
cap and gown graduation pictures for Cheney, Medical Lake and Spokane high schools

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