9 Best Spokane Music Stores for Musical Instruments and Private Lessons 

Spokane Music Stores

ls Spokane loves music and Spokane music stores are ready to get you started in band, orchestra and offer professional services.  Some musical instrument stores in Spokane offer a wide range of products, services and lessons while others have narrowed down to being the best in their specialty. Whatever your need is, these 9 Spokane Music stores will be a lot of fun to explore.

9 Best Spokane Music Stores for Musical Instruments and Private Lessons

Local Full Service Music Stores in Spokane

  • Hoffman Music 1430 N Monroe Spokane

This full service music store is one of the most recognizable in Spokane. It is recognizable for its murals and its history dating back to 1913. Hoffman music will likely be your first stop as a new musician. This store sells all types of guitars, sound systems, effect lighting, school band and orchestra instruments. School band and orchestra instruments are also available as a rent to own option. Need instrument repairs or music lessons? This store also offers them house.

  • Amend Music Center 1305 W. 14th  and 6301 N. Regal St. Spokane

This music store is a family owned adventure that was started in 1980. They now have two shops as a full service, band and orchestra music store. Amend offers the highest quality instrument repair as well as band and orchestral instrument rentals, sales, music books of all kinds, and accessories. If you are looking for a more personal private lesson, this is the place.

  • Clearwater Music 9107 N. Country Homes Blvd. Spokane

Clearwater Music is another great shop for band and orchestra instruments but it is also the best place for those specializing in reed instruments. Clearwater Valley music’s claim to fame is having the widest range of sheet music available in a 100 mile radius, the best repair service around, and having the most diverse offerings of any local music store. At CVM, 17 private teachers prepare students to compete on a national level in jazz and orchestral auditions, adult/youth combined groups passing on arts such as jazz, bluegrass, gospel, Celtic, and other music opportunities.

  • Clearwater Valley Music 321 N. Pines, Suite C Spokane Valley

This shop is an offshoot of Clearwater Music but conveniently located for the Spokane Valley region.

Chain Full Service Music Store in Spokane

  • Guitar Center  5702 N. Division St. Spokane

The Guitar Center is the department store of the music world. They offer a bit of everything.

Piano Specialty Music Store

  • Music City Spokane 1322 N. Monroe St Spokane

Spokane loves music and here is yet another Spokane music store with a rich history dating back to 1962. Music City owns their niche as the premier piano store of Spokane. They offer piano sales, lessons, tuning and sheet music. Because of their specific instrument specialty, you know this place knows their stuff.

Guitar Specialty Music Stores

  • Mark’s Guitar Shop 918 W. Garland Ave. Spokane

Specializing in guitars, this shop is going to be the best place to go for excellent customer service and guitar product knowledge. Mark’s Guitar Shop offers lessons, new and used guitars, guitar accessories, amplifiers and ukuleles.

  • Cole Music Company  816 W Garland Ave, Spokane

This gem of a guitar store sells the products you’d expect at a guitar store but shines in its custom built guitars. If you want a guitar handcrafted to perfection, this is the place! Get in line as there are only 10 of these built per year and they require reservations.

  • Senator Guitars 616 E. 3RD Spokane

This is a boutique guitar store with the added touch of being a place for area musicians to ‘hang out’, test equipment, talk about music, be inspired, or create music in a studio.

Personnel Experience

I have interacted with several of these stores for instrument repair, upgrades and general inspiration – all good experiences. I hope you enjoy visiting these Spokane music stores throughout your journey as much as I have.

As a Photographer

As a photographer, I have had the joy of taking milestone pictures for high school seniors and college graduates including many fellow musicians. If you’ve ever wanted photos with your instrument or just to have a like-minded photographer, I would love to hear from you!


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