Should I Have Alcohol at my Wedding?

There are various kinds of alcohol from beer, cider and wine to hard liquors. Some people love it, some people hate it and whether you should have it at your wedding depends on many factors such as your budget, who is invited, what to serve and who cares? – It’s your wedding day! So let’s consider the question, should I have alcohol at my wedding?

I’ve been to plenty of weddings that had alcohol and plenty of weddings that didn’t have alcohol. I have seen both sides of the topic. There are weddings that should not have had it, and I’ve seen weddings where it would have helped. There is no right or wrong answer for this question, but there are several different things to consider.

1.     Is alcohol in my wedding budget?

A wedding is inherently expensive and having alcohol at your wedding can be a huge expense. If you really want alcohol and the caterer/ venue allows you to, purchasing your own alcohol is the best way to save some money.  If you do need to make some big budget cuts or just don’t care – cutting alcohol can save you thousands of dollars.

2.     Would my wedding guests have more fun with alcohol or would the wedding day be better off without it?

It is important to know your guests. Do they need a little liquid courage, prone to too much courage or are they offended by the presence of alcohol, at your wedding?

Liquid courage

I will start by saying – you can definitely have fun at a wedding without alcohol, but alcohol does help many people loosen up and become more social. If your guests are not already regulars at a social dance club (who are already prone to alcohol free fun), or are of the quieter more reserved variety, then a drink or two will make them more likely to dance and have fun at your wedding. 

A Bit Too Much Courage

If some of your guests are prone to heavy drinking, there can be an issue with too much courage. People who have had too much are not pretty and can have an opposite effect on the mood of the night or even scare would be dancers off the floor or cause trouble in any number of ways. So pay attention, you know your friends and family. Have someone keep an eye on potential problem people to keep them in a safe place. If you have too many of these types of people – switch to beer only or limit the time the bar is open or avoid alcohol altogether. It would be better for you to enjoy your day then deal with inappropriate behavior.


One of the biggest reasons to avoid alcohol at your wedding is for people who have religious or personal problems with alcohol. Alcohol can be viewed as a vice and don’t want to be around it. If it comes down to having alcohol or guests not showing up, I hope you care more about your guests. Of course, it is likely someone will bring their own alcohol even if you were not planning on it. On the bright side, they won’t likely drink as much as if others were drinking as well.

3.     Who cares if there is alcohol or not – It’s Your Wedding!

Should I have alcohol at my wedding is ultimately your decision to make. It is your wedding day and you should enjoy it and celebrate! If you’re married, I’d love to hear how you made the decision and how your wedding went with or without alcohol.

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