What is the Best Season for Senior Pictures in Spokane

One question I get asked is what is the best season for senior pictures in Spokane?

Here are a few things to consider when determining what season is best for your senior pictures such as:

  • Your favorite season that fits your personality
  • What season’s clothing do you like to wear the most
  • Your schedule and what season works best for everything you have going on
  • If you are sending out graduation party invitations or announcements and when

Consider the points above while reading my thoughts on what the different seasons offer. That way you can truly pick the season that is best for your senior pictures!

Summer Senior Pictures in Spokane

You are officially a senior!! The last class is out and you are now taking the senior role. One of the first things you can do as a senior is have your senior pictures taken! The summer months of June, July and August are the most popular months to have your senior pictures taken. Spokane is hot in the summer so keep that in mind. But with the warm weather, comes green grasses, flowers and long days with beautiful sunsets.

If you want to show off your tan, love sundresses with sandals, lacy dresses or shorts and pretty shirts, then summer could be perfect for you. I love the simplicity of a field at sunset or a rocky shore along a lake or the Spokane river. Summer is also great if you want to do a destination session at your favorite vacation spot or at a grand landscape! There are incredible landscape session locations as close as lake Coeur d’Alene or Mt Spokane and as far up as Priest Lake. Since summer is not as rigorously scheduled as the school year, you will have more time to prepare and less stress of balancing homework and school activities. Additionally, having your senior photos taken during the summer means they will be done and you won’t have that added stress when it comes time to graduate!

Already thinking summer is the best time for you? If so, contact me in the Spring while I have most date options available. At a minimum, try to book me 2 weeks in advance and I will let you know what if any dates are available.

Fall Senior Photos in Spokane

With school back in session, you are set for some fun school activities with homecoming, football games, other fall sports in action! The sunset glows are getting longer and the night air is crisp. Of course September can still be warm which allows you to double up outfit styles with something summery and another outfit that is more for fall. You’ll get two season looks in one session!

Fall colors are coming at the end of September and are in full swing through October. Here in Spokane those fall colors can be tricky as early frosts can end the fall colors by mid October or allow them to stretch all the way into early November. If you love the orange, gold, red and green leaf colors and want those in your photos then fall would be the perfect time to reserve your session. Think golden light, golden grasses and vibrant colors as your backdrop.

If you love warm sweaters, jeans and boots paired with hats then this is the perfect season for you. Texture and layers are the main elements of a fall outfit and look awesome in photos!

If fall sounds like a dream for you, be sure to book your senior session in the summer before the Christmas card families book up all my available dates 😉

Winter Senior Portraits in Spokane

Winter has the fewest senior photo sessions, but it could still be your perfect season! Snow creates some of the best natural lighting out there! You’ll need to be flexible for a snow session as snow can come and go without notice. However, bright vibrant colors are incredibly beautiful against the white of a snow covered landscape or grove of aspen or birch trees.

Does a snowy landscape or maybe a warm campfire in your yard sound good to you? Then let’s book a winter snow session!

For a snow session, contact me before snow comes in December through February and be ready to go within a few days of a snow forecast!!

Spring Senior Pictures in Spokane

This is the busiest time of year for juniors and even more for seniors! Spring break, prom, getting ready for graduation, spring sports, band competitions and plenty more will keep you quite busy. If you choose to do spring senior pictures, keep your schedule in mind and make sure that spring will work for you.

Weather can be unpredictable in March and April. Some days are sunny or cloudy and others are rainy or even snowy! In those earlier spring months rescheduled sessions are a likely possibility. By May we usually have beautiful flowers and green grass again – hooray! We can welcome back yellow wildflowers, roses, lilac blooms and vibrant new green leaves 🙂

Local parks and trails are best for spring sessions because they provide green grass, new leaves and colorful flowers.

Consider your timeline for sending out graduation invitations or announcements. If you are having a graduation party, invitations will need to be sent out 3-6 weeks in advance. As such, make sure to reserve your session about 8-10 weeks before your party. This will give you enough time to receive and send out the invitations.

If you are only doing a graduation announcement, you have a little more time. Announcements can be sent out closer to graduation or even on graduation day! Announcements unlike invitations just let others know that you graduated. As such, make sure to reserve your session 3-6 weeks before you graduate.

On the topic of spring fashion, if you love to wear sundresses, sandals, shorts or other spring floral colors, then spring is the right season for you. Think creams with a pop of fun colors or a bohemian sundress and sandals. These all look great in the spring! You might even bring a fresh bouquet of flowers to your session!

If spring sounds great for you, message me from December to March to get the best available dates.

Best Season for Senior Pictures in Spokane

I hope this helps you decide your best season for senior pictures in Spokane!

No matter what season you choose, I look forward to taking your senior pictures!! To book your senior photo session or just learn more check out my Senior’s page.

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