Graduation Pictures in Spokane

Graduation Pictures in Spokane

There is no better way to wrap up high school or college than to get your graduation pictures! First, graduation pictures in Spokane are an excellent way to record the joy and pride of your accomplishment. Second, share that joy with family and friends through a graduation announcement or an invitation to your graduation party. As such, graduation announcement cards and invitations are my most popular add-on product to a graduation picture session. Ordering graduation cards through your photographer takes away the ominous task of a DIY card order and makes the order a simple reality.

Locations for graduation pictures in Spokane

My favorite place to photograph graduation pictures is right at your high school or college! Over the years I have taken graduation pictures at the local universities as well as several area high schools. The best places for those high school graduation pictures include:

  • The primary entrance or promenade to your school
  • The football stadium
  • A school sign
  • On the track or sport field
  • In the school parking lot
  • With a school mascot or emblem
  • At one of the local colleges in the Spokane area that you may be attending after graduation

Whats included in a graduation picture session?

I offer three graduation picture sessions from a quick 20 minutes, a 60 minute session on up to a 90 minute session. High school graduation pictures will fit best with a 20 or 60 minute session at most while the 60 and 90 minute sessions are best suited for the area colleges.

Graduation pictures include three basic looks. First, just you showing off in an awesome outfit as well as some headshots for your resume. Second, we add in some of your graduation regalia minus the gown. Lets face it, the gowns are not flattering and I want you to look your best. Lastly, we add the entire graduation outfit for that classic graduation picture. You can toss your cap, show off your future college banner, flag or career direction.

Want to make this a bit more special? Add some outfits to your 60 or 90 minute session! This is a great chance to bring along your lettermen jacket, marching band uniform, cheer/ dance outfit or any other special outfit that represents your time in school!

Learn more about graduation picture sessions

Although the linked page is primarily directed towards college grads, information and rates apply to high school graduation sessions as well. Click here to learn more!

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