Rich History & Unique Touches at Chateau Rive Wedding Venue

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You’ve dreamed of your wedding for years, and now it’s finally here. It can all be daunting, from the guest lists to the caterers to the flowers and clothing. That is why choosing a great wedding venue is one of the most helpful things you can do while planning a wedding. Not only will the location bring some extra charm to your big day, but it’ll also help take some weight off your shoulders. I’ve photographed some incredible weddings around Spokane. Still, one of my favorite venues continues to be Chateau Rive. This location has everything from a rich history to unique touches that will make your wedding stand out. Whether you are looking for a scenic outdoor space, a cozy indoor venue, or a mixture of both, I guarantee Chateau Rive will have what you need. 

About the Chateau Rive Wedding Venue

For years, the city of Spokane revolved around its river. The Spokane River fueled the city’s social and financial life. Mills popped up all along the banks, creating a flourishing economy. Then came the Great Fire of 1889. The fire devastated the city, including the old mills. As a result, the city had to rebuild. The Spokane Flour Mill opened in 1900. The mill became a beloved fixture in Spokane and operated for the next 80 years, delivering goods around the globe. When it closed in 1970, the city was unwilling to let it go. A remodeling project ensued, and the mill transformed into a shopping and office center. It continues to be a destination for residents and tourists alike. The mill now has fantastic restaurants and specialty stores. 

While the entire building is jam-packed with fascinating history, the basement is the center’s real gem. At the bottom story lies a cozy, open room that houses one of Spokane’s most unique wedding venues. The venue has storied stonework and brick archways, and the floors are polished granite, perfect for dancing the night away. The aesthetics are a dream for any wedding wanting its event to stand out. The combination of the pipework and the structural details gives a rustic charm that never feels overpowering. Plus, you can dress up the space however you see fit. 

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Details of the Grounds

The inside room is rearrangeable if you are looking for a cozy ceremony space. Your guests will sit beneath the chandeliers and watch as you write the next chapter of your love story. While the inside is superb, the outside area makes this venue shine, especially during those warmer months. Right outside of the mill lies a meadow filled with absolutely gorgeous views. Trade vows along the bank of the river or use the natural rock formation for an exquisite backdrop. You’ll also have complete views of the bridge and the brick mill. 

The interior of the Chateau Rive is the ideal spot for your reception. You can easily arrange tables around the sturdy wooden beams and have plenty of room for dancing late into the night. The venue has a few side rooms perfect for setting gift tables or dessert bars. The packages at Chateau Rive offer tables, chairs, and linens, so you don’t have to worry about additional rental fees. Plus, they offer floral centerpieces for a reasonable price.

Your package includes a bar and a bartender for a marvelous cocktail hour. Your guests can grab a drink and wander in and out of the building as you complete your pictures. 

More Details

Chateau Rive has a bridal room where you and your closest friends can gather and put on the finishing touches before the wedding starts. Plus, the mill is close to hotels such as the Oxford Suites, the Hilton DoubleTree, and the Centennial Hotel. You can rent out a hotel room with your wedding party so you can prepare for your big day before heading over to the venue for your wedding. 

Chateau Rive offers space for up to 250 guests. It’s a magnificent spot for larger weddings! One of the venue’s best features is its location within the Flour Mill. Your guests will have the opportunity to wander around the center while you get your pictures taken. Inside, they can shop for specialty items, grab a coffee at the coffee shop, or buy a small snack before the reception. 

Chateau Rive has so many details that will catch your eye. Above you will be unique chandeliers and rope lights hanging from the high ceilings. From the industrial piping to the wooden ceiling to the brick within the structure, your wedding will have great little touches that will add to the overall charm of the day.

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Photography Opportunities

The venue has plenty of areas that are ideal for photography. The rock formation near the meadow provides an attractive, natural backdrop. At the same time, the bridge near the space is a beautiful background. The mill also features an outdoor wooden staircase perfect for pictures with just the two of you. Inside the building, the massive windows alongside the stone and brickwork let in streams of natural light, making it a fabulous spot for wedding portraits. 

Wedding Details

Chateau Rive understands all the details of planning a wedding and is here to make things easier. Beyond an inclusive package with free tables, chairs, and linens, the venue offers additional touches, such as a champagne toast. Plus, the venue has superb food. Their chefs have created a delicious buffet that will leave even the pickiest guests raving about your day for years to come. 

Chateau Rive Wedding

While Spokane has some terrific venues, Chateau Rive is sure to be one that will give you the wedding of your dreams.

Once you have your venue, it’s time to find your wedding photographer. For years, photography has been my joy. With extensive training and scores of happy clients, I know I’m ready to give you portraits you will cherish forever. Contact me today so we can start to book your wedding.

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