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Washington is one of the most scenic states. Catch it in the right weather, and it is the perfect spot for an outdoor wedding worthy of the best romantic films. From mountainous terrain to babbling brooks, many gorgeous Washington outdoor wedding venues give you an incredible scene without you having to lift a finger. Packed with row after magnificent row of lavender plants, this estate will transport you to a land far away. Whether you’re looking for a dreamy wedding filled with classical touches or prefer something a bit more modern and rustic, Lavender Manor has an option that’s right for you!

About the Lavender Manor Wedding Venue

There’s a reason why Pride and Prejudice remains a favorite love story. From the complicated characters to the surprise budding of romance, the tale has captivated generations. The novel is what inspired the start of Lavender Manor. The owner, Sandra Shuff, decided to start the farm in 2010 and hosted the first wedding in 2015. Since then, she’s become an expert in all things lavender. On top of keeping the lavender thriving, she distills lavender essential oils, teaches aromatherapy, and advises on agri-tourism business startups. 

The farm began as a bit of an experiment for Sandra, but after it took off, she was in love. She quickly worked to grow the estate from a farm into an English Manor, adding a team of experts ready to take on the challenge. Today, Lavender Manor is in this beautiful period of continuous growth, transforming into something straight out of an Austen book. You’ll feel like Elizabeth Bennet on top of the world as you write the next chapter of your love story in front of the lavender-filled fields. A thousand lilac bushes surround the land, so your wedding will be covered by lots of blooms outside of the lavender season.

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Details of the Grounds

Lavender Manor has four different ceremony spaces, each given names inspired by Pride and Prejudice and the Regency Era. The most popular space is Pemberley Park. This 15,000-square-foot green area is alongside a lavender field. This ceremony site is closest to the reception space and allows you to place your altar in any direction. The room features breathtaking views of Mount Spokane and Wild Rose Prairie.

Heartwood Forest is a tranquil setting on a hillside in the middle of a peaceful forest with wooden benches to provide seating while giving a rustic feel. Lady Catherine Place will provide the best lavender experience. The site lies in a field of lavender and, like Pemberley Park, offers Wild Rose Prairie and Mount Spokane sites. The site is on a natural slope which is perfect for giving guests near the back a clear view of the ceremony. Finally, Brighton Hall is an indoor space ideal for smaller ceremonies. The venue will take your wedding colors to heart and decorate the space accordingly. 

Reception Spaces

Lavender Manor offers two different reception spaces. If you prefer an outdoor reception, you can hold it at Pemberley Place. The area is nestled comfortably beside the lavender fields so your guests can continue to take in all the magnificent views. Brighton Hall is available for a reception space as well. All your guests can sit inside at the round tables for more intimate weddings. For larger weddings, the area connects to a 6,000-square-foot cement pad. This area features a 3,200-square-foot tent serving as the main reception space. It’s the perfect spot for toasts and dancing!

Every wedding, regardless of location, offers the use of Brighton Hall. The cozy inside is a great way to host a cocktail hour (or tea time if you want to keep the mood going!). Guests can wander in to grab a drink and hor oeuvre before returning to see the stunning views. details of a bridal bouquet

Other Details about Lavender Manor

The bride has room to prepare for her wedding party, while the groom and his friends can stay separate in a cottage that offers a patio view of the site. Spend a few hours putting on the finishing touches before heading out to meet each other amidst the lavender. If you prefer to book with the Heartwood Forest, they will give your party a large frame tent to hide before the ceremony. 

With so many different wedding sites, the venue is ready to accommodate parties of all sizes. Pemberley Park and Lady Catherine Place can comfortably seat up to 500 guests. Heartwood Forest has bench space for 300 guests but will bring out green molded chairs to fit 50 additional guests. The interior of Brighton Hall can seat up to 80 people, but the tented cement pad right outside will hold up to 300 guests. 

The venue understands that Washington weather doesn’t always cooperate. If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, Lavender Manor will watch the forecast and speak with you if you need to move the wedding site inside due to inclement weather. 

The space is gorgeous, but the thoughtful additional touches keep it spectacular. The lovely wood and the polished cement of Brighton Hall give it the potential to dress in any style you’d like. The large chandeliers hanging from the ceiling give the space a sophisticated touch. The tent in Heartwood Forest has lovely French Doors on the front, so you can keep the grand entrance while maintaining privacy. This entire venue shines with similarly magical touches. 

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Photography Opportunities

With such a lovely venue, it’d be challenging to take a bad picture! The fields surrounding the green space offer hundreds of spots for dreamy, lavender-filled photos. The manor features a gigantic willow tree perfect for taking portraits. On top of these sites, the meadows in front of Mt. Spokane and Wild Rose Prairie will make you feel like Elizabeth Bennet is on her way to meet Mr. Darcy for his proposal.

Wedding Details

The venue offers in-house catering with delectable food explicitly prepared for your day. You also can choose a preferred caterer that you can book directly through the venue. Lavender Manor allows you to bring in a permitted bartender. Booking a package with the manor includes a wedding rehearsal. The venue also takes care of setup and cleanup, so you can simply come and enjoy your romantic day. 

Lavender Manor

You don’t have to be an Austen fanatic to love Lavender Manor. With such excellent service and outstanding views, you will have a wedding you’ll remember at Lavender Manor!

Once you book your venue, it’s time to book your photographer. While photography started as a hobby for me, it quickly turned into a passion. I love little more than the opportunity to provide you with pictures I know you’ll cherish. Contact me today to book your wedding! While you’re here, be sure to view more Washington wedding resources!

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