Top Photo Locations on Campus From Your EWU Graduation Photographer

It is true, Eastern Washington University in Cheney, Washington is a special place to earn your degree. Aside from a beautiful campus, great school spirit, athletic teams perennially showing up at the nation’s leading tournaments, great professors and a close knit small town feel, Eastern has likely become home to some of your best memories and deep friendships. Hey, I am Nate, an EWU graduation photographer. Before you complete your college career, take some time to look back and remember your experience at EWU. As your EWU Graduation Photographer,  I have gathered the most beautiful, memorable, and photogenic spots for your graduation pictures. These photos are great to look back at your college days and remember the things that were important to you. 

10 Best places to take EWU graduation pictures

Here are some of my favorite places to take EWU graduation pictures. Check out the link at the end of this article for 20 places to take EWU graduation pictures.

  1. Showalter Hall: Built in 1914, Showalter hall is not only the oldest building on campus but the most prominent. You likely entered campus walking up the Welcome walk as a freshman and will soon be walking down the path as you graduate.
  2. Main campus promenade: This long straight walk proudly displays the EWU flag on lamp posts and creates a powerful image.
  3. JFK Library
  4. Roos Field
  5. EWU Sign on Spokane Transit station: There are several great signs around campus, find your favorite one 🙂
  6. Pence Union Building: This new building is a hugely dominant sight on campus and one you are sure to remember.
  7. Arevalo Student Mall
  8. Flower blossoms outside of Sutton or Martin Hall: During the right seasons, these flowers are a delight in any photo!
  9. EWU Water Tower
  10. Cheney Normal School Heritage Center: The old School house is a classic spot to stop for some grad pics.
EWU Graduation Photographer

What to wear for your EWU photo session

I like to run my sessions with three looks.  Firstly, one look with just your formal outfit. Secondly, adding in the cap and gown in a flattering manner (not fully zipped up). Lastly, the full formal cap and gown outfit. An additional casual outfit is a fun way to add some variety if you have a longer session.

At EWU, the cap and gown are black with a red stole. Black, grays, reds, whites and creams are all great outfit color choices. Have fun with the dress by choosing a dress with some stand out point such as lace, super flowy fabric, or a neat hemline. Because of the simple stole over your shoulders, you have the freedom of choosing any neckline you like! Dresses are always a great go to option. I recommend that dresses be shorter in length than your gown. Other fun options I have seen are rompers and pant suits.

Students also enjoy changing out of their formal outfits into a favorite pair of jeans with a college shirt or sweatshirt. This is a fun way to capture an everyday look in a heightened photo session.


EWU Graduation Photographer

Since you’re looking at Eastern Washington University as a location for your graduation photos, I’d love to chat with you about your graduation photography needs! Whether you want to pop a bottle or toss a cap, I look forward to being your EWU Graduation Photographer! Head on over to my College Grads page to learn more!

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