Popping champagne for your college senior pictures

popping champagne for your college senior pictures

Popping champagne for your college senior pictures is not a hard thing to do. I will start with that. But if you want awesome senior pictures of you spraying a celebratory bottle, then I have some tips for you. Following these steps will help you avoid having to purchase multiple bottles of cheap champagne and reduce the chances of you or those around you getting covered in a sticky mess. Don’t worry about trying to smile or pose perfectly for these photos. Champagne popping photos are an in the moment experience and you will naturally be smiling and having the time of your life!

Champagne Senior Pictures 101

  1. Don’t agitate the bottle until you are ready to snap the pictures or you may lose the spray power too soon
  2. Find a suitable location for taking such pictures. We will read more on that later in this article.
  3. Look around you and act out where you will be spraying (make sure you don’t spray yourself or the photographer 😉
  4. Carefully open the bottle – again, do not agitate the bottle yet!
  5. Place your thumb over the open bottle
  6. Make a final check of your surroundings and where you intend to spray
  7. Make sure your photographer is ready to go
  8. Hold your thumb on the bottle tightly and shake that bottle like crazy! You have maybe 3 seconds of great spray.
  9. If your first spray was a bit weak – shake it up again immediately!
Popping champagne for your college senior pictures

Best place for popping champagne pictures

The best place for champagne pictures is any location where the light source is positioned to your back or sides. Positioning a light source such as the sun mostly to your back helps illuminate the spray. The spray glows just like it does when you are spraying water with a hose and see a rainbow.

Please note that champagne is sticky when dry so please consider your location carefully. Think about how others may use a space and be considerate.

Find a location that sees minimal use or where sprinklers will be able to quickly wash the area. I say this because the middle of a stadium has been a hot place for these sorts of pictures. If your school emblem is in the middle of the field – consider moving to a side. There are a lot of students who would like to do seated or laying poses and would rather not sit in an unsuspected sticky mess. Especially while wearing their beautiful dress or graduation gown. Please be considerate of where you choose to celebrate. Fields are great, especially if the field has some big element declaring your school. At Washington State University and Eastern Washington University, the water tower is one such location that is safe for spray and college memorable.


As an alternative to spraying champagne for your college senior pictures, bring a beer! Another fun idea to create a spray is to bring some friends with squirt guns or water balloons! If you have access to some other water source – like a sprinkler or a puddle – use it in to your photos. I have done some senior pictures of grads jumping in puddles with hilarious results. If you decide to run through sprinklers or jump in a puddle, save it for the end of your session so you can change clothes right after the session.

I hope this article helped you with popping champagne for your college senior pictures! If you are you looking to have some fun with your graduation photographer, I would love to chat.

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