9 Places for Homecoming Pictures in Spokane

9 places for prom pictures in Spokane


Dressing fancy, taking homecoming pictures in Spokane and going out on a date with friends for high school formal dances is soo much fun! Sure, there is a huge amount of responsibility and anticipation that comes with the big dances like homecoming. From finding who you are going to go with, to getting the perfect suit or dress, planning the date, solving the issue of transportation, actually going to the dance and remembering to bring your tickets all while trying to be the best date possible is quite the task to accomplish. But who cares about all the steps! Homecoming is a high school experience that cannot be missed. 

Schools will likely have a photographer at homecoming and those photos will be lovely. However the one pose ‘snap’ and move on style fails to show the true excitement of the event. In my experience, the photos that are actually enjoyed and shared the most turn out to be those pictures everyone takes before the dance with your date or group of friends, even if the lighting is bad, you are in the middle of a parking lot, the pictures turn out blurry, discolored or even have half of your friend in or out of the pictures frame! Why? Because these photos capture the real, in the moment response to the excitement that has been building for weeks or even months!

So parents and students, lets say we try to improve the real, pictures by first choosing a great location for homecoming pictures.

With that I would like to offer 9 places for homecoming pictures.

  1. Manito Park has some protected areas and can be spectacular if flowers are still blooming but can also be overly crowded and cliché for photos.

  2. Finch Arboretum is easy to access, not overly crowded, and is the best place for fall colors.

  3. Fish Lake Park in Cheney is a great place for a sunset. It has good plant/ trail and water variety, but be ready to take a short walk if the park is not officially open.

  4. The cliffs at Medical Lake are the place to be for spectacular sunsets, easy access and an awesome textural backdrop.

  5. Camp Caro Dishman Hills is full of natural textures with rocks and grasses.

  6. The Lilac bowl at Riverfront Park has a great wood bridge and downtown scenery. The park is easy to access and close to great dinner options.

  7. Centennial trail at the Spokane convention center is another easy access place with a great path by the river and spectacular sunsets. As a bonus, the Convention center provides great bounced light for your pictures.

  8. Trails outside Gonzaga’s Jundt Art Museum have beautiful scenery and sunsets that many have not yet discovered.

  9. Centennial trail across from CenterPlace Regional Event Center is full of beautiful river scenery and sunsets. Since many of you will be having your dances here, you may as well get great homecoming pictures outside before the sun sets.

Bonus places for homecoming pictures around Spokane that require a bit more work to get to but still well worth it:

  1. Huntington Park: Downtown Spokane

  2. Bowl and Pitcher: Riverside state park

  3. Mirabeu Springs near CenterPlace Regional Event Center

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9 Places for Homecoming Pictures in Spokane

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