33 College Senior Picture Ideas

Here are 33 college senior picture ideas so you can remember your college experience. For me, college was one of the best times of life and one that I remember fondly. Sure there were hard days of studying until I collapsed on my textbook, unable to stay awake another second. I am sure you have been there too. However, the memories that stand out to me the most to me were those good memories of the people I met, places I went and the events I participated in. Getting your graduation pictures is a unique way to celebrate and memorialize this wonderful stage of life.

“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.”

Theodor Seuss Geisel

In no particular order, here are 33 easy college senior picture ideas:

  1. Graduation outfit minus all graduation gear – just looking fancy
  2. Wear your yoke and or stole only
  3. Wear your cap plus yoke and or stole only
  4. Toss your cap
  5. Give a jump
  6. Wave your school flag or banner
  7. Wrap up in school flag
  8. Pop a bottle of champagne
  9. Walking away with a wave gives the look of completion and moving forward
  10. Take a photo with your school mascot or statue
  11. Sit on some stairs
  12. Get some pictures in stadium
  13. Use the school entry sign as ma backdrop
  14. Professional headshot for work related media
  15. If your school has one, enjoy a specialty food item. WSU Ferdinand’s Ice cream or cougar gold cheese
  16. Photo in front of your primary majors building
  17. Stand in front of your dorm
  18. No dorm? Stand in front of your Sorority or fraternity
  19. Photo with a significant building on campus – like a clocktower
  20. Incorporate your school library
  21. Take a photo of your decorated cap
  22. Blow edible glitter or bubbles
  23. Throw your graduation gown over shoulder
  24. Look back over shoulder
  25. Take a photo down a long promenade
  26. Bring a prop such as textbooks
  27. Wear your school sport outfit
  28. Don’t forget a photo with your bestie
  29. Mom will really want a photo with your family if possible
  30. Sit in your stadium seats
  31. Include spring flowers or fall leaves when possible
  32. Take a photo of you turning your tassel
  33. Photo with your friends and or roommates


If you are interested in getting you college senior pictures done at WSU, EWU, Gonzaga or Whitworth, head on over to my page here.

Check out these locations for pictures at Washington State University or Eastern Washington University in order to remember the important photo stops.

College graduation Picture ideas


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