How to choose the best photos to print from your photo session

How to choose the best photos to print from your photo session

You have hired a photographer, prepared and gone to the photo session and now received the digital images from your photographer. You’re done right?!  Nope, what you do now is what will make all your effort worth it – print your photos.  Do I want to sell some prints? You bet! But I am more interested in you enjoying your images as the thing of value you have already invested in rather than losing the images in a folder on your computer. I have already had two brides email me to see if I still had their wedding images because their computers died – yikes! Like me, most photographers cannot guarantee having your photos after the photos are first delivered so do yourself a favor and get those memories printed. Please, do it! Need some help? No problem, here is your guide to choose the best photos to print from your photo session.

Choosing the best photos to print from your photo session

  1. On your computer or through your photographers online gallery, make a folder or list and feel free to add or copy paste any image you like to it.

  2. Make a sub folder or list within your favorite folder of the best images. This is the hard step – aim for 3 to 10 images that stand out to you. The best images are full of emotion, flatter your body, and make you feel a certain way be it happy, cheerful, loved, beautiful or any other special way.

  3. Consider how you will use, display and share your images.

    A. Will you be using your photo(s) as a card or invitation or as a loose print within a card? Choose your single favorite image and order enough for everyone you remembered and an additional 5-10% for those you will remember after receiving your images. Forgetting a few key people seems to happen every year for me so ordering extras is a great thing to do. Your gallery print lab has great card options and all cards include envelopes – Hooray! Write down how many cards you need on a piece of paper.

    B. Tour your home and take notes. Where would you like to see your favorite photo(s). Over your bed, above a mantle, down a hall or certain images in certain places? Measure the wall space to see what you have available and imagine what size art or print you would like to see there.  For smaller spaces where you will see the photos close up try a size up to 20”x30”. For larger spaces where viewing is from a distance, consider larger such as 24”x36”, 30”x40” or even a series such as (3) 20”x30” images. When your tour is over, write down your favorite image number for each of the spaces you wrote down.

    C. Consider who will be receiving special gift prints. 4×6, 8×10, and 11×14 prints are standard and can be easily framed by those receiving prints. Who might like these images? Grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles, siblings or close friends. Write down each person’s name and the size/ image they will be receiving. Hold onto your notes.

    D. Photobooks or a luxury album are by far my clients favorite way to share and store session photos. As your photographer, I will curate an album for you using the photos I feel are the best of the best from your session. Would you like to see a sample? Message me.

  4. Order your prints and artwork

  5. Plan a fun event, dinner or a special bottle of wine for when your photos arrive and have an unboxing party.  

  6. Use your notes to remember your plan and have fun displaying and sharing your images!!

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