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Spokane Music Stores
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ls Spokane loves music and Spokane music stores are ready to get you started in band, orchestra and offer professional services.  Some musical instrument stores in Spokane offer a wide range of products, services and lessons while others have narrowed down to being the best in their specialty. Whatever your need is, these 9 Spokane […]

9 Best Spokane Music Stores for Musical Instruments and Private Lessons 


Spokane Art Supplies
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In a region filled with avid artists, Spokane art supplies stores do a great job of covering artist’s resources, classes and supply needs. Some Spokane art shops specialize in their craft such as pottery, fabrics, sewing, quilting, multi media, drawing, painting or creating printed art pieces. I find myself visiting many of these shops for […]

Find Spokane Art Supplies At These Fabulous Local Shops


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It’s your senior year hooray! Are you looking forward to celebrating this important year with a senior portrait session but don’t know who to use? Phones take pretty good pictures right?! And I know a friend is dabbling in photography. Could they take my photo? But the truth is not everyone with a camera is […]

5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Senior Portrait Photographer

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