Luscious Lawson Gardens Wedding Venue

Lawson Gardens wedding venue is located in the heart of Pullman, Washington. It is a romantic 13 acre paradise filled with a mix of formal and informal wild gardens. The garden was started in 1985 as a dedication to Mr. Lawson’s wife, Alice and has similarly become a place where love grows and flourishes for many couples. For those in the Pullman Washington area, Lawson Gardens is one of the premiere places to get married! Check out Courtney and Justins wedding at Lawson Gardens!

This unique Pullman Park is great for late spring, summer and early fall weddings. Garden rental is set for 4 hour blocks at incredibly great rates. Lawson Gardens is a great way to save money on your Pullman wedding venue! You can rent Lawson Gardens from 7:30 am – 8:30 pm by contacting the Pullman Chamber of Commerce. The terraced lawn can easily provide seating for 50-300 guests while other parts of the park can provide intimate settings for as little as two. While the reflecting pool and gazebo provide a lovely backdrop for wedding ceremonies.

The Gardens at Lawson Gardens

Lawson Gardens: Pullman Wedding Venue

Terraced Lawn

The terraced lawn is the center of the garden and the primary location used for weddings. The lawn steps down in three gracefully laid out terraces flanked by tall leaf trees, brick paths and lovely flower gardens. The entire terrace forces your perspective right down to the bride and groom. For those guests with mobility issues, a solid garden wall at the top of terraced lawn provides easy access and a full view of the ceremony while paved paths provide access to various parts of the gardens.

Reflecting Pool and Gazebo

In an axial line but just beyond the terraced lawn is a brick patio surrounding a reflecting pool. Similarly, a gazebo delicately placed into a group of trees, completes the visual line. If you choose to have your reception in the gardens, the reflecting pool and open fields around it are a natural point for the reception.

Rose Garden

At the center of this courtyard wrapped in trees is a formal rose garden. The rose garden contains dozens of roses laid out in a circle. A single tree set within the borders of the rose garden is a wonderful place to have a picnic or read a book while watching visitors move through the park. Spring and fall are good times to see the roses blooming.

Wild Garden

The wild garden is my personal favorite because their is a sensual change from formal to informal in this garden. First, the path changes from bricks to gravel paths lined with reclaimed chunks of concrete which changes the sound under your feet. Next, the plants change from orderly and shaped to a dense fight for light. It is here that an abundance of flowers and tall grasses are just waiting to jump out and greet you.

Xeriscape Garden

The xeriscape garden is a showpiece garden that only uses plants that can survive in Pullman’s local climate. You will see native trees, shrubs and an occasional cat while walking through these gardens. As some of the neighborhood cats like to call this garden home.

Lawson Gardens Engagement and Wedding Photographer

The colors and textures of Lawson Gardens wedding venue are bursting in every season. For example, tulip, daffodil and rose blooms fill the spring gardens. After that, the summer gardens are lush with perennial and annual flowers. While the fall leaves and grasses are incredible. Lastly, the sweeping paths and leading lines create incredible images even in the snows of winter. As a result, I love taking pictures of people and their special events set in Lawson Gardens.

If you are interested in matching your wedding colors to the gardens, color scheme and setup information can be obtained from the Pullman Parks Department.

In conclusion, Lawson Gardens is the perfect place for you to get your engagement pictures or to celebrate your wedding day and I would love to be your photographer! While you are here, check out these other great venues for your special day in the Palouse:

Lawson Gardens winding natural pathways

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