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Two Pullman and Moscow wedding venues: Lawson Gardens and the 1912 Center made for a gorgeous wedding day for Courtney and Justin.

This Moscow Wedding Was So Much Fun.

Picture this. You get married amongst the bursting flowers and lush greenery of a garden dedicated to the love shared by a longtime Pullman couple. The primary place for the ceremony is right in the center of the gardens with the flowers, green lawn, towering trees, and a reflection pool beyond. You are whisked away from the busy-ness of Pullman for a relaxing private moment, feeling a light breeze through the gardens, taking in the smells of blooming roses and maybe even getting the chance to pet one of the local house cats out sunbathing. You are there with your closest friends and family, and you are there focusing on the things that matter and nothing else. Courtney & Justin’s wedding was exactly that.

Their family and guests came in from all areas of the Pacific Northwest. I don’t know how many were actually from the Pullman Moscow area but everybody made the trek to come out for their love story and to help them celebrate their wedding day.

The wedding started the night before with a stay at Moscow’s Monarch motel in the heart of the local shopping, dining and art scene. We made a great plan for opportunities to rest and relax throughout the wedding day. After some laid back morning preparations I began to take photos of the couples carefully selected details. This is always a good time to help my couples mentally be at peace for their wedding day. Everything was on-track with the schedule which made everything transition smoothly from one event to the next.

Would you like to see their wedding photos?! Check out the photos of their Pullman Moscow wedding.

Wed at Pullman Moscow Wedding Venues Lawson Gardens and the 1912 Center 

2 Pullman Moscow Wedding Venues: Lawson Gardens and the 1912 Center

Here is a series of images from their first look! I just love their smiles 🙂

2 Pullman Moscow Wedding Venues: Lawson Gardens and the 1912 Center

After the first look, we were on our way to Lawson Gardens. Rather than taking a direct route to Pullman, the bride and groom instead took a detour to their favorite star gazing spot for some incredible formal couple photos.

2 Pullman Moscow Wedding Venues: Lawson Gardens and the 1912 Center
2 Pullman Moscow Wedding Venues: Lawson Gardens and the 1912 Center

I am so honored to have been the photographer for Courtney and Justin’s wedding. The two Pullman Moscow wedding venues were perfect. And the wedding was just as beautiful as it looks in these photos. Their were smiles, hugs and high fives shared all around. While no wedding is ever “perfect,” this wedding was mighty close to it.

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