College Cap and Gown Ideas

If you are here to find some college cap and gown ideas, you are in the right place.  I would also like to begin by saying congratulations on your upcoming graduation!!! College is such a fun experience and graduating is truly a special accomplishment. Since 2015, I have celebrated with so many amazing college grads by taking their pictures.  During these sessions, I love hearing students college career highlights and where they are off to next.

In this blog I have broken down some of the common questions that I get asked regarding posing. What do I do with my hands? How do I hold the cap? If you are wondering what to do to make your graduation pictures a success, read on.


How to use movement poses

Movement poses are some of my favorites. Why? Movement allows you to focus on making the move rather than the presence of a camera. Less stress. Better pictures. Movement also adds a nice dynamic to the images keeping them fresh and full of life.

  • Model walk towards the camera
  • Walk away from the camera
  • Do a spin
  • Walk and look back over shoulder
  • Use a prop such as your school flag or spray a fizzy beverage
  • Jump

College Graduation Picture Posing Ideas spin and look over shoulder with flagCollege Graduation Picture Posing Ideas model walk

What do I do with the cap and gown?

Using the cap and gown is obviously an important part of graduation photos. Here are some ideas on what to do with your graduation regalia.

  • Start with the sash or yoke only to keep your hair looking nice
  • Throw cap in the air
  • Toss cap towards the camera
  • Hold the cap near your leg,
  • Toss the gown over a shoulder
  • Leave the front of the gown unzipped and pull it to your waist

College Graduation Picture Posing Ideas cap in the air with gown over shoulder College Graduation Picture Posing Ideas toss your cap!

What do I do with my hands?

Ah, the number one question. What do I do with my hands? The number one answer – give your hands something to do – keep them busy.

  • Put your hands in the air
  • Rest hands on hip
  • Rest hands over leg
  • Place a thumb in pocket
  • Cross arms
  • Play with hair
  • Hold something such as the cap, your dress, a tie, a rail, etc.

College graduation picture posing ideas lean on something


College graduation pictures posing ideas for sitting 

Here are a few sitting poses and locations to highlight your school.

  • Stadium bleachers
  • A short wall
  • Stairs
  • A bench
  • In the grass

College graduation picture posing ideas sitting


College graduation picture posing ideas for standing

Here are a few standing poses and locations to highlight your school.

  • Lean against a wall
  • Hold on to a rail
  • Crossing legs
  • Near a school monument
  • In stadium

College graduation picture posing ideas standing with crossed legs

I hope these college cap and gown ideas work out well for your graduation pictures. If you are in eastern Washington and would like someone to photograph and help guide you through your grad session, check out my college grad page or send me a message! I typically do grad sessions in April and late November for WSU Pullman and Spokane. For EWU, Gonzaga, and Whitworth, sessions are usually in May and June but let me know when you are ready to get your pictures taken. In conclusion, I just want to say, you’re awesome! Way to go! You did it!


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