Robust and Historic Rosehurst Garden Wedding in Spokane, WA

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Backyard garden weddings always have a unique and intimate charm. It’s easy to see the appeal – plenty of big, beautiful trees, thriving, colorful gardens, and a welcoming, cozy atmosphere. But we don’t all have the luxury of having a backyard with that aesthetic, let alone one that can accommodate many people for a meaningful celebration! Rosehurst Garden is a historic property in Spokane, Washington, with robust gardens and plenty of outdoor space for your wedding. It is a green, lush canvas for you to transform into the wedding of your dreams with your friends and family by your side. Read on for more information to see if it could be the right venue for you and your partner!

About The Rosehurst Garden Wedding Venue

Rose Hurst built the house in Rosehurst Garden during the Great Depression in 1934. She used salvaged goods found throughout Spokane to build the property. Unique features of the home include beautiful and ornate crests built from plastering cake pans and fruit-shaped items. There are also oil lanterns from an old horse-drawn carriage to light the area. Rose’s creativity is still reflected throughout the gardens nearly 90 years later. 

The garden itself has ethereal, mystical vibes. A beautiful stone grotto dating back to the 1940s is one of the unique focal points of the garden. Winding paths of lush green grass and tall trees create a woodland atmosphere. Plus, their gardens are lush with gorgeous colors that change throughout the seasons. It is a beautiful space to exchange your vows and begin your married life with your soulmate. 

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Details of the Grounds

The draw of Rosehurst Garden is, naturally, its beautiful outdoor spaces. Their venue can accommodate a maximum of 175 guests. 

Their beautiful gardens are perfect for exchanging your vows, which could take place beneath a beautiful wooden trellis that is a unique canvas for your decor. Your “I do’s” are spoken in a lush fairy tale setting surrounded by a spectrum of greens from the surrounding trees, bushes, grasses, and flowers. 

Receptions occur in the gardens, beneath the vast blue sky, or in an elegant rented tent. One of the benefits of Rosehurst is that they are truly a blank canvas, albeit a beautiful one. That way, you can bring your vision and personality to your event. Be it your linen colors, florals, centerpieces, and other personal touches. You can transform your event into a reflection of you and your partner and turn it into the day of your dreams.

There are no indoor spaces for events, and restrooms are outdoors. Also worth noting is the need for more rooms for couples and their parties to get ready, so all preparation will need to happen offsite. 

Be sure to contact the team at Rosehurst Gardens for more specific information on their spaces and offerings for your wedding!

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Photography Opportunities

Rosehurst Garden has no shortage of beautiful locations to take memorable wedding photos. The property has a variety of small nooks and intimate spots surrounded by gorgeous greenery for pictures that give mystical fairy tale vibes. 

The historic grotto has a natural backdrop full of simplistic romance. A nearby quaint bridge gives similar vibes, perfect for intimate couple portraits. 

The house’s exterior has plenty of architectural details with charm and character for unique pictures (and a great story about the house’s history!)

The gardens are constantly changing with the seasons, so the vibrant blossoms will differ depending on whether your wedding is in the spring, summer, or fall. Autumn weddings will have richer fall colors, and if you say “I do” in the spring, there will be budding blossoms and fresh greenery.

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Wedding Details

Rosehurst Garden’s wedding offerings include three garden-themed packages: The Hosta, the Sunflower, and the Rose. Each package has a specified duration and guest capacity, but each package is available Friday through Sunday. Their rental fee includes the venue, an outdoor bathroom, tables, table linens, and white plastic fan chairs. 

The Hosta Package is for a 5-hour event for up to 50 guests. 

The Sunflower Package is for an 8-hour event for up to 175 guests. 

The Rose Package is for a 10-hour event for up to 175 guests. 

Their website has an extensive list of recommended vendors with whom they have worked before. However, you aren’t limited to the businesses on the list. They do not have onsite coordination, so the recommendation is to hire an outside coordinator. That helps ensure your wedding day goes as smoothly as possible. 

For an additional fee, you can add setup and cleanup services. If you choose not to add setup and cleanup, you will need to plan to include that time in your package timing. However, you can add extra time to your event for an hourly fee if you need to. 

You can also schedule a half-hour rehearsal in the days leading up to your wedding. Still, it is not guaranteed, depending on other events scheduled on their calendar. 

Rosehurst Garden

There are few things more romantic than a garden wedding. The natural florals, tall trees, and sun-dappled pathways at Rosehurst Garden are perfect to represent your fresh start with your partner. Their affordable venue fees and packages leave you plenty of room in your budget to create a customized event that reflects your vision. From the food you serve, the decor you use to enhance the space, and the photographer you trust to capture the magic of your wedding day, Rosehurst Garden has what you need.

If you are curious whether Rosehurst Garden is the right spot for you, contact their helpful team to set up an in-person tour. If you decide it’s the perfect place for your fairytale garden wedding, I would be honored to help you capture the magical moments throughout the day. That way, you can treasure your garden wedding forever. And for more Washington area wedding content, check out the blogs below!

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