20 places for Graduation Pictures at Washington State University

With graduation just around the corner, this is a good time to be thinking about your WSU graduation pictures. But where should you take them? Lucky you, I have compiled 20 places for graduation pictures at Washington State University in Pullman, WA. Graduation pictures are an awesome way to commemorate your college experience because they help you remember your time. I spent 6 ½ years between WSU Pullman and WSU Spokane in order to earn my Master of Architecture degree. Great memories of my time at WSU are abundant and full of incredible relationships developed through my major as well as non-academic activities like the Cougar Marching Band, pep bands, church, swing dancing or just hanging out in the dorms and my college apartment.  I am sure you have a similar experience of the deep sense of community at WSU. Its true, once a Coug, always a Coug!

Graduation pictures at WSU are a highlight experience that brings back those warm Coug family feelings and a sense of great accomplishment. Graduation pictures are also a great way to say thank you to those who have supported you through your journey.

I find awesome photo locations while walking around with graduates and hearing their input but here is a pool of the top 20 places I consider when planning your graduation picture route.


  1. Terrill Mall

  2. Terrill library roof top

  3. The CUB

  4. Wilson Hall

  5. Bryan Hall Clock Tower

  6. The Coug

  7. Martin Stadium

  8. Alumni Center – Victory Bell

  9. Bohler Athletic Complex COUGARS sign

  10. Thompson Hall and Thompson Flats

  11. In front of your dorm

  12. Your major’s primary building

  13. Your Greek house

  14. Fine Arts Museum

  15. Crabapple blossoms outside of the Cue (during that season)

  16. WSU entry sign

  17. Cougar Statue

  18. WSU Water Tower

  19. Chinook Student Center

  20. WSU Historical Arch

There are so many other great photo opportunities, what am I missing on this list?  Learn more about grad photos


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