Best Buffets in Spokane: A Parent’s Guide to Satisfying a Teenager’s Appetite

Best Buffets in Spokane

Who Feeding a hungry teenager is no small feat. And Spokane, Washington, offers an array of buffets that cater to the appetite of a growing adolescent always wanting more. From lunchtime delights to international feasts, the city’s buffet scene is a blessing for parents. Here’s a guide to some of the best buffets in Spokane that promise a feast for the biggest of appetites.

6 of Spokane’s Best Buffets

1. Canaan Buffet

Canaan Buffet in Spokane is a parent’s secret weapon to tame a teenager’s hunger. Their delicious spread of Pan-Asian cuisine is a lifesaver. From sizzling stir-fries to delectable sushi and soups, this spot satisfies hungry appetites with diverse, flavorful options. It’s the go-to destination to keep a hungry teen content and coming back for more.

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2. China Buffet: Cheney, WA

Teenagers and young adults often have an adventurous spirit when it comes to food. In college town, China Buffet caters perfectly to that desire. China Buffet has an intimate atmosphere with big flavors. Although small, you will find plenty of traditional Chinese meat, veggie and noodle dishes. For parents seeking to broaden their teenager’s palate, China Buffet is an excellent choice. Their dishes offer a journey through the wonderful tastes of the Orient.

3. Osaka Buffet

At Osaka Buffet in Spokane, satisfying a hungry teenager is a breeze. With an array of offerings including fresh seafood, delectable sushi, and flavorful Chinese cuisine, this spot is a parent’s go-to. Osaka is a family owned business. With that comes a passion for food, family and a great dining experience. It’s the perfect place to appease a growing appetite with diverse and delicious options. In a hurry, check out their to-go menu.

4. Golden Corral: All-American Comfort Food

Sometimes, all a teenager craves is the comfort of familiar American classics. Golden Corral is the right place for parents aiming to provide a familiar yet hearty meal for their teen.  With dozens of options available, you will be sure to find your favorite dish. From juicy steaks to the irresistible dessert bar, Golden Corral ensures a satisfying dining experience. An experience that caters to the cravings of a growing teenager.

5. Round Table Pizza

Round Table Pizza’s buffet in Spokane is perfect for a parent feeding a hungry teenager. After all, how can you go wrong with pizza?! Offering a variety of freshly baked pizzas, salads, and sides, it’s a reliable choice. Having a party with teenagers? This is the right spot. With endless pizza slices, Round table is perfect for enjoying a meal together.

6. Top of India

At Top of India Buffet in Spokane, filling a hungry stomach is a breeze.  The rich variety of aromatic Indian dishes, from flavorful curries to amazing tandoori, creates a feast to satisfy any appetite. If you are looking for vegan friendly or gluten free, you will love this restaurant. It’s the perfect spot for parents seeking diverse and delicious options to keep their hungry teens content.  While there, make sure to try the pakora appetizer.


For parents, the best buffet in Spokane means finding the balance of variety and familiarity to appease a teenager’s taste preference. Each buffet on this list offers a unique experience. Making the journey through Spokane’s culinary delights is not just a necessity but a pleasure for all. Am I missing your favorite buffet? Let me know! I would love to try out another local buffet.

In Spokane, the best buffets are all about filling stomachs and making memories. Whether it’s an easy lunch or a feast fit for royalty, these buffets are sure to leave both parents and teenagers looking forward to the next dining adventure.


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